05 Oct 2023

Whether for personal or professional communication, having a secure and versatile virtual phone number has become a necessary tool of communication in today’s on-the-go global business market. Whether you are looking to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp, need a temporary number for online verification, or seek a virtual phone number for personal use, understanding the fine distinction of this technology is important.

Virtual numbers offer a range of advantages, from providing local and toll-free numbers in different countries like the US and the UK to enabling effortless text messaging through online platforms. With advanced Hosted PBX features like auto-attendants, voicemail transcription, and collaborative team tools, businesses and individuals alike can enhance their communication strategies. This guide not only digs into the technical aspects of virtual phone numbers but also offers a step-by-step process on how to get one in just 5 minutes.

Whether you need a US or American number, a UK phone number, or a virtual number for business, this blog will provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your communication needs. Discover the power of virtual numbers and unlock a world of seamless, efficient, and secure communication for personal and professional use.

What is a virtual phone number

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not directly associated with a telephone line. It is used to forward incoming calls to a pre-set phone number chosen by the user. Online VoIP numbers are often used by businesses and individuals who want to keep their personal phone numbers private or want to have a local presence in a different area code or country.

How does a virtual phone number work

A virtual phone number, or Direct Inward Dialling (DID) number, operates through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, enabling call routing over the internet. It adheres to the traditional phone number format, comprising an area code followed by seven digits. Not bound to a physical location, businesses can select numbers from different area codes, establishing a local presence in specific regions.

To use digital phone numbers, a stable internet connection and a compatible device, like a desktop or mobile device, are necessary. Virtual phone services offer users access to various telephony features, including automated attendants, personalised greetings, voicemail, and call forwarding. These numbers come in different types, such as local, toll-free, vanity, and international, enhancing business communication flexibility

How traditional phone numbers operate

Phone numbers serve as unique identifiers, facilitating communication between devices. Traditional numbers are assigned specific area codes and carrier codes, ensuring efficient call routing within geographical regions.

Virtual phone numbers offer international accessibility without physical infrastructure. They're invaluable for businesses wanting a global presence and individuals seeking international connections.

The versatility of virtual phone numbers

Real virtual phone numbers redefine communication. Businesses and individuals can effortlessly get virtual phone numbers for various purposes, including establishing a professional work from home phone number or embracing the flexibility of remote phone numbers. Unlike non-virtual phone numbers, these digital lines operate seamlessly over the internet, forming a bridge known as a virtual line. Setting up a virtual phone number is a simple process, offering a world of convenience and global connectivity.

How you can boost sales and support through virtual toll-free numbers

Where online interactions shape businesses, virtual toll-free numbers have emerged as essential assets. These numbers, alongside online virtual phone numbers and online telephone numbers, form the backbone of modern communication strategies. A real virtual phone number transcends the limitations of traditional lines, offering unparalleled flexibility.

For businesses, having a virtual toll free 0800 phone number or virtual 1800 number signifies professionalism and widens the customer reach. Virtual toll-free numbers eliminate cost barriers for customers. These numbers enhance customer engagement, instilling trust, and elevating your brand image.

Local reach with global Impact through local virtual phone numbers

Local virtual phone numbers establish a strong community presence. Perfect for businesses, they enhance credibility, trust, and customer accessibility within specific regions. Simultaneously, they offer a global reach, connecting enterprises with international clientele for a broader impact.

Personalising connections through personal virtual phone number

Personalising connections is effortless with a personal virtual phone number, tailored for individual use. Personal virtual phone numbers provide an individualised communication solution. These online virtual phone numbers for personal use ensure privacy, convenience, and seamless connectivity, enabling you to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues with ease and simplicity.

How do virtual phone numbers differ from landline and mobile phone numbers for texting

Alongside traditional landline and mobile phone numbers, virtual phone numbers have gained popularity, especially for specific purposes such as texting and online communication. Virtual phone numbers for texting offer a high degree of flexibility, privacy, and convenience. Their internet-based operation and lack of physical ties make them ideal for various online communication needs, setting them apart from traditional landline and mobile phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers for texting differ from traditional landline and mobile phone numbers in the following ways:

Online communication

Unlike landline and mobile phone numbers, virtual phone numbers are not tied to physical devices. They exist purely in the digital realm and can be used exclusively for online communication, including texting.

Internet-based operation

Virtual phone numbers operate over the internet. This means that users can send and receive texts online without the need for a physical SIM card or a mobile device. In contrast, landline and mobile numbers rely on physical infrastructure and SIM cards for their operation.

Flexibility in usage

Virtual phone numbers offer unparalleled flexibility. They can be utilised for various purposes, such as business communications, customer service, and online verification processes. Traditional landline and mobile numbers, on the other hand, are primarily associated with specific physical locations or devices and lack this versatile usability.

Enhanced privacy

One of the significant advantages of virtual phone numbers is their ability to maintain user privacy. When you use a virtual phone number for texting, it doesn’t reveal your personal mobile number. This anonymity is especially crucial in scenarios where individuals or businesses want to keep their contact information private.

No geographical limitations

Virtual phone numbers are not restricted by geographical boundaries. They can be obtained from anywhere in the world and used globally. This global accessibility is in contrast to landline numbers, which are bound to specific regions, and mobile numbers, which are often associated with specific countries or carriers.

Real-time updates and control

Online virtual phone numbers often come with real-time updates and control features. Users can manage their virtual numbers, customise settings, and receive notifications online, providing a level of control that traditional landline and mobile numbers do not offer.

Virtual Phone Numbers Vs Landline Vs Mobile Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers Landline Numbers Mobile Phone Numbers
Operate purely in the Digital Space, that is, Cloud-Based. Physical Infrastructure Required. Physical Infrastructure Required.
Operate over the Internet, no SIM Card needed. Require Physical Connection and SIM Card. Operate over the Internet or Cellular Network with a SIM Card.
Highly Versatile for Business, Customer Service, Online Verification, etc. Primarily associated with Specific Physical Locations or Devices. Versatile for Personal and Business use.
Maintains User Privacy; doesn’t reveal the Personal Mobile Number. Not inherently private; linked to a Specific Address. Linked to an Individual; may reveal Personal Information.
Not restricted by Geographical Boundaries; can be used Globally. Bound to Specific Regions; Local Presence. Can be used globally but may have Roaming Limitations.
Often equipped with Real-Time Updates and online Control Features. Limited Control Features; Basic Dunctionality. Limited Control Features; Basic Dunctionality.


10 compelling advantages of adopting a virtual phone number for your business

Virtual phone numbers offer a remarkable range of advantages for businesses, making communication efficient and cost-effective. Here's a detailed look at the key benefits of using virtual phone numbers:

1. Affordability and cost savings

Virtual phone systems offer businesses substantial cost savings, often up to 45% in comparison to traditional landline services. This affordability makes them especially attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to redirect resources towards other crucial areas of operation.

2. Comprehensive admin and security features

Virtual phone systems come equipped with robust administrative tools and security features. From detailed analytics and call logs to stringent security protocols, these features empower businesses to manage their communication effectively while ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

3. Scalability for growing businesses

The flexibility of virtual phone systems allows businesses to scale effortlessly. Whether it's adding new users or incorporating additional phone numbers, these systems adapt seamlessly, catering to the evolving needs of a growing enterprise without disruptions.

4. Customisable business hours

Virtual phone numbers enable businesses to establish specific operating hours. This customisation ensures that calls are answered promptly during designated periods while preventing disturbances during non-business hours, enhancing customer satisfaction.

5. Shared phone numbers for team collaboration

Enhance team coordination with shared phone numbers. This feature centralises communication for customer support and sales teams, reducing confusion and streamlining interactions with clients and prospects.

6. Local and toll-free numbers

Virtual phone systems provide the flexibility of choosing local numbers in various markets. Businesses can opt for toll-free or local number as well as vanity numbers. Additionally, vanity numbers, enhancing brand visibility and making it easier for customers to remember and reach out.

7. Seamless app integrations

Integration with essential apps like Zoho, Pipedrive, Bitrix24 and other Hubspot CRM systems is a hallmark of virtual phone services. These integrations streamline workflows, saving time and effort by ensuring seamless communication between different platforms.

8. No additional hardware is required

One of the significant advantages of virtual phone systems is the absence of additional hardware requirements. Businesses can utilise existing devices with an internet connection, reducing costs associated with purchasing new equipment.

9. Reliable customer support

Opt for virtual phone system providers offering comprehensive support options, including email, text, and phone assistance. Reliable customer support ensures businesses receive prompt assistance, resolving any issues that may arise during system usage.

10. Professional image and credibility

Virtual phone numbers enable businesses to project a professional image to clients and customers. By having a dedicated business phone number with a local or toll-free area code, businesses appear more established and credible. This enhanced professionalism can instil trust in customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to get Virtual Phone Number - 4 Easy Steps

Looking for the best virtual phone number in the UK, USA, Canada and worldwide? With Wavetel Business, you can easily obtain local and toll-free numbers to expand your business reach. Follow these four quick steps to get started in just 5 minutes:

Step 1: Sign up

Visit Wavetel Business website and swiftly sign up for their services. Provide your business details and contact information.

Step 2: Choose your number type

During sign-up, select the type of number you need, local or toll-free. Stuck in deciding? You need to worry as Wavetel Business lets you have both types for ultimate flexibility.

Step 3: Customise your number

After selecting your number type, customise it to match your business. Choose a specific area code for your local number or opt for a memorable toll-free number.

Step 4: Activate your number

Wavetel Business will guide you through the quick activation process. Verify your business information and confirm your number selection. Once activated, your virtual phone numbers in the UK, US, or Canada are ready to use for your business communication needs.

Eight essential features to look for when getting a virtual number

In today's telecom market, numerous virtual phone number services cater to various business needs. While there are options to get free service that might cost you your privacy invasion. On the other hand, businesses can also explore paid solutions such as Wavetel Business that meet all the regulatory compliance and standards. When evaluating virtual phone services, ensure they encompass these essential eight features:

1. Auto-attendant and individual extensions

Simplify call routing using an auto-attendant system and individual extensions. A centralised main number ensures seamless access to any employee, enhancing customer interaction.

2. Texting capabilities (SMS and MMS)

Utilise SMS and MMS for flexible customer communication. Digital phone numbers empower businesses to text customers, providing versatile support channels. Internal teams can also benefit from text messaging features.

3. Voicemail transcription for productivity

Boost productivity with automatic voicemail transcription. Virtual phone services transcribe voicemails, delivering messages via text, email, or platforms like Slack, ensuring crucial communications are never missed.

4. Flexible individual and shared numbers

Strike a balance between flexibility with shared and individual phone numbers. Shared numbers streamline customer support, allowing team members to respond on behalf of others. Each employee enjoys a private business number, catering to specific use cases.

5. Effortless call recording

Facilitate effortless call recording. Virtual phone numbers enable businesses to record customer interactions and sales calls, aiding in training, product improvement, and addressing client concerns. Compliance with legal regulations is essential when recording calls.

6. Cross-platform accessibility (iOS, Android, and Web Apps)

Ensure accessibility across devices with iOS and Android apps for mobile users. Desktop users benefit from web-based applications that offer seamless integration. Comprehensive platform compatibility ensures efficient call management regardless of the device.

7. Advanced call analytics for informed decisions

Gain insights into communication patterns with robust call analytics. Track call volumes, durations, and customer interactions. These analytics empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimise customer service, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

8. Collaborative team tools for seamless support

Foster teamwork with collaborative features. Virtual phone number services provide shared contact lists, real-time call monitoring, and team messaging capabilities. These tools enhance internal communication, enabling effective collaboration and seamless customer support.

Wrapping it up

Where communication forms the backbone of every successful business journey, having a virtual phone number has become not just a convenience, but a necessity. This comprehensive guide has walked you through the complex details of virtual phone numbers, from their technical aspects to their practical applications in business and personal life. Whether you are looking to get a virtual phone number for your business or personal use, understanding the fine distinctions between virtual numbers, virtual mobile numbers, and business phone numbers is very important. With the rapid advancement of technology, the boundaries of traditional communication have expanded, and virtual phone lines have emerged as the bridge connecting individuals and businesses globally.

Virtual phone numbers offer unmatched flexibility and cost-effectiveness. They empower businesses with features like auto-attendants, voicemail transcription, and call recording, making customer interactions seamless and efficient. In the realm of personal connections, personal virtual phone numbers guarantee privacy and convenience, allowing individuals to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues effortlessly.

For businesses aiming to establish a global presence, virtual toll-free numbers are invaluable assets. They eliminate cost barriers for customers, enhance customer engagement, and elevate brand image, instilling trust and credibility. Meanwhile, local virtual phone numbers create a strong community presence, boosting credibility and accessibility within specific regions while simultaneously connecting businesses with international clients.

When considering a virtual phone service, it's necessary to focus on essential features. Texting capabilities, voicemail transcription, and advanced call analytics are just a few elements that ensure seamless communication. Collaborative team tools and cross-platform accessibility further enhance internal communication and streamline customer support processes.

Wavetel Business is among one of the leading business communication solutions providers in the telecom industry, offering seamless and efficient virtual phone numbers in the UK, USA and Canada. With Wavetel Business, businesses can elevate their global presence and enhance customer interactions, making it the preferred choice for reliable and cost-effective communication services.


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