18 Oct 2023

A business phone number is a powerful tool that shapes the way your business communicates with the world. Whether you're launching a startup or managing an established company, utilising a business phone number is pivotal. It fosters trust, ensures professionalism, and elevates customer service standards.

In today's fast-paced world, mobility is key to a successful business. Having a business phone number on your cell phone provides unparalleled convenience and accessibility. It aligns seamlessly with your on-the-go lifestyle, ensuring you are always connected with clients, partners, and opportunities.

Moreover, finding, buying, and setting up a separate business phone number has never been easier. With various local area codes, including the distinctive 020 area code, and toll-free options like 1800, 833, and 888 etc. tailoring your business number to your specific needs is effortless. Embracing a business phone number not only establishes your presence but also marks your commitment to professional communication standards.

This blog will guide you through every step, offering expertise on how to obtain, customise, and optimise your business phone number, making it a potent asset in your entrepreneurial journey.

How to get a business phone number

Step#1: Determine your communication needs

Determining your communication needs is the foundational step in acquiring the right business phone number. Careful evaluation of these needs ensures that your chosen phone service aligns perfectly with your business requirements. The following are some important aspects to consider:

Communication requirements

Assess the nature of your business communication. Do you primarily need voice calls, or do you require additional features like video conferencing, text messaging, or file sharing? Understanding the diversity of your communication needs is crucial.

Call volume

Estimate the volume of incoming and outgoing calls your business handles daily. A high call volume might necessitate features like call forwarding and queuing to ensure customer calls are never missed or delayed.

Messaging features

Consider the messaging features essential for your business. This could include SMS messaging, voicemail transcription, or group messaging. These features can significantly enhance your team's collaboration and client interactions.

International calling

If your business operates globally or frequently deals with international clients, international calling capabilities become vital. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness and quality of international calls provided by the service provider.


Think about the future growth of your business. A scalable phone system allows for easy integration of additional lines and features as your business expands, ensuring your communication system grows with you.

Integration needs

Assess whether you need integration with other tools and software, such as CRM systems or email platforms. Seamless integration enhances efficiency and allows for a unified communication experience.

Step#2: Choose the right type of business phone number

Selecting the appropriate type of business phone number is a critical decision, as it directly impacts your brand's accessibility, professionalism, and customer reach. Each type has distinct advantages tailored to specific business needs. Consider the following options when choosing the right business phone number:

Local phone number

  • Local phone numbers are perfect for businesses targeting a specific local area like 347, 516 area codes associated with newyork, 209, 714 area codes for California, while 029 with Cardiff and 020 area code for London.
  • Local phone numbers for entrepreneurs and startups establish a local presence, building trust among local customers.
  • They are often preferred for businesses with a single physical location. For example, local phone numbers with area code 020 for London, are often preferred for businesses with a single physical location.
  • They offer a direct and recognisable connection to the local community, making it easier for customers to identify and engage with your business.
  • Ideal for local businesses like restaurants, clinics, or retail stores looking to connect with their immediate community.

Toll-free number

  • Toll free numbers provide a professional image, indicating a nationwide or international presence.
  • Encourages customer interaction by allowing them to call your business for free.
  • Enhances credibility and trust, especially for online businesses or e-commerce stores.
  • Widens your customer base by eliminating geographical restrictions, and attracting customers from various locations.
  • Toll-free number 1800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

Vanity number

  • Customised, easily memorable numbers using words related to your business.
  • Boosts brand recall and strengthens your marketing efforts.
  • It is ideal for businesses focusing on brand recognition and wanting customers to remember their contact information effortlessly.
  • Increases the likelihood of potential customers reaching out, thanks to its easy-to-remember format.

Step#3: Select the service provider that fits Your requirements

When signing up for a business phone plan, streamline your decision-making process with these key considerations:

Plan options

  • Evaluate plans tailored to your business size, from basic for small businesses to comprehensive solutions for larger enterprises.
  • Consider scalability, ensuring the plan can adapt as your business grows.

Pricing plans

  • Compare monthly fees, additional feature costs, and any hidden charges.
  • Look for cost-effective plans that balance your budget with essential services.

Additional features

  • Assess essential features such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and conference calling.
  • Opt for plans offering a variety of features to meet your immediate needs and accommodate future expansion.

International calling

  • If your business deals globally, check for international calling options and their associated costs.
  • Evaluate the clarity and affordability of international calls, mainly if your clients or partners are located overseas.

Customer support

  • Research the provider's customer support reputation, ensuring they offer responsive assistance when you need it.
  • Look for 24/7 support, addressing potential issues promptly to minimise disruptions.

Contract terms

  • Read the contract terms thoroughly, understanding the duration and any penalties for early termination.
  • If your business requirements change, opt for flexible contracts that allow adjustments without excessive fees.

Step#4: Sign up for a business phone plan or package

When stepping into the process of signing up for a business phone plan or package, consider these essential elements to make an informed decision:

Explore business phone plan options

  • Assess plans tailored to your business size and requirements, ranging from basic to comprehensive options.
  • Consider scalability, ensuring the plan can grow with your business's expanding needs.

Evaluate pricing plans

  • Scrutinise monthly fees, additional feature costs, and any hidden charges.
  • Seek a balanced approach that fits your budget while covering essential services.

Analyse features included in the package

  • Prioritise features such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and conference calling.
  • Opt for plans offering a comprehensive feature set to meet both your current and future communication needs.

Review contract flexibility

  • Understand contract terms, focusing on flexibility for adjustments if your business requirements change.
  • Avoid long-term contracts that may restrict your ability to adapt as your business evolves.

Step#5: Setting up a business phone number

Next, it is very important to set up and configure your business telephone number, so that you can easily replace your newly hosted business phone number with the existing one. Such as:

Phone system setup process

  • Choose a reliable service provider and select an appropriate plan tailored to your business needs.
  • Customise essential features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling according to your preferences.

Hardware requirements

  • Evaluate whether hardware like desk phones or routers is necessary for your chosen phone system.
  • Ensure compatibility and proper configuration of hardware components to guarantee seamless functionality.

Step#6: Integrate your business phone number with existing communication channels

Maximise your small business phone number's utility by integrating it with existing communication channels:

  • Implement email integration to receive instant notifications for voicemails and missed calls on your small business phone number.
  • Stay agile in responding to customer inquiries, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed, and bolstering your business's responsiveness.

How to get a business phone number on your cell phone

  • Acquire a business phone number conveniently on your cell phone through online platforms.
  • Research reliable service providers for seamless and professional communication solutions.
  • VoIP-powered business phone numbers bridge the gap between office and mobile communication.
  • Wavetel Business and similar providers offer innovative solutions for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Find tailored business phone numbers with specific area codes for local customer connection.
  • Choose from options like toll-free or vanity numbers for brand recognition and accessibility.
  • Efficiently manage calls with dedicated telephone numbers for businesses.
  • Flexibility in options, from office phone numbers for small teams to commercial numbers for widespread operations.
  • Enhance communication capabilities on any device and from anywhere with these services.

Why business phone numbers are important for any business

Increased business credibility

A business phone number adds a touch of professionalism to your enterprise. It provides the aura of a big business without the complexity, making your company appear trustworthy and reliable.

Effective call management

Answering your company phone number professionally instead of sending callers to voicemail demonstrates your commitment to excellent customer service. It conveys that you value your client's time and are ready to assist promptly.

Enhance work-life balance

Maintaining a clear boundary between your personal and professional communications is essential for preventing burnout. A designated business number allows you to step away from work during personal time, promoting a healthier work-life balance.

Effective brand recognition

Memorable phone numbers are a marketing asset. Consider opting for numbers with repeating digits or a simple sequence. This ease of recall can significantly enhance your brand recognition, especially in mass media advertising like TV, radio, or outdoor campaigns.

Personalised caller identification

When you make outbound calls, having your business name appear on the recipient’s caller ID enhances brand consistency. This professionalism reinforces your brand identity every time you reach out to clients or partners.

Increase privacy

By using distinct work phone numbers, you can safeguard your personal life. Keeping your personal phone number private ensures that work-related calls remain separate and don't intrude into your personal space.

Choosing the perfect phone device for your business phone number

For a business phone number powered by VoIP technology, it's advisable to use VoIP-compatible phones or devices. These phones are specifically designed to work with VoIP services and ensure optimal call quality and functionality. Yealink offers a diverse range of VoIP phones designed for various business needs. For instance:

Desk phones

  • Yealink T46U: A feature-rich phone with advanced capabilities suitable for high-demand professionals.
  • Yealink T43U: Combines ease of use with high-quality performance, ideal for medium to high call volume.
  • Yealink T57W: A high-end phone with a large touchscreen display, designed for executives and professionals.
  • Yealink T54W: A versatile phone with productivity-enhancing features, suitable for various business environments.
  • Yealink T53/T53W: Mid-range phones offering a balance of functionality and affordability.
  • Yealink T30P: A basic yet reliable phone, perfect for businesses with essential communication needs.

Cordless phones

  • Yealink W60B: A base station compatible with various Yealink cordless handsets, providing mobility within the office environment.
  • Yealink W73P: An advanced cordless solution offering extended coverage and scalability.
  • Yealink W53P/W53H: A reliable cordless phone system suitable for businesses needing flexibility and mobility.

Conference room phones

  • Yealink CP960: A high-quality conference phone with advanced audio features, perfect for large meeting rooms.
  • Yealink CP920: A compact conference phone delivering clear audio for small to medium-sized meeting spaces.

Team phones

  • Yealink MP50: A Teams phone designed for Microsoft Teams integration, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Yealink MP58: An advanced Teams phone with a user-friendly interface and high-definition audio quality.
  • Yealink MP56: A versatile Teams phone offering efficient communication tools.


  • Yealink WH62 Mono Headset: The Yealink WH62 introduces an entry-level DECT wireless headset, available in two models: WH62 Dual and WH62 Mono.
  • Yeslink WH62 Headset - Dual: A specialised headset crafted for desk phones equipped with USB Headset ports, seamlessly connecting to PC/Mac/laptop via USB cable.

Summing up

Obtaining a business phone number is a fundamental step in shaping your professional identity and ensuring efficient communication. It's a choice that enhances your brand credibility, streamlines call management and maintains a healthy work-life balance. This comprehensive guide walks you through the process of acquiring, customising, and optimising your business phone number. It equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and highlights the importance of matching your communication needs with the right type of business number.

Whether you opt for a local number to connect with your community, a toll-free number for a broader reach, or a vanity number for memorable brand recognition, your business number is the key to establishing your presence in the digital age.Choosing the right service provider, device, and integration strategy completes the journey. Professionalism, reliability, and an unwavering dedication to your clients' needs. Make the move to enhance your business communication, connect effortlessly, and thrive in the digital landscape.

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