23 Apr 2024

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VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a less expensive option to traditional contact centre installations by using internet technologies for phone calls and reception. Explore the comprehensive range of VoIP solutions for London businesses, that is the essential or must-have VoIP features for your business. Hosted VoIP solutions offer cost-effective calling solutions, including auto attendants, IVR, voicemail, and conference calls, empowering businesses with over 40 essential hosted VoIP features. Select the VoIP service provider that aligns with your team's current and future needs for optimal communication efficiency.

40 Must-Have VoIP Features for Your Business

1. WebRTC - Online Portal

WebRTC technology facilitates access to your complete business phone system via a web-based user application or online portal. This allows you to seamlessly make or receive calls directly from a laptop or computer, eliminating the need for additional desk phones or hardware.

2. Unlimited calling

Unlimited calling allows users to make and receive calls across the Uk, along with over 40 international countries, with no limits. This inclusive feature extends to every user within your organisation, ensuring seamless communication without constraints.

3. Optimised call handling solutions

Advanced call management features enable efficient prioritisation, holding, routing, and blocking of incoming calls. It optimises front desk operations, reducing customer frustration and boosting VoIP call quality and efficiency.

4. Call analytics dashboard

Access comprehensive analytics through user-friendly dashboards, empowering data-driven decision-making. Gain valuable insights into call performance and customer behaviour for informed business strategies.

5. Auto-attendant

Staying positive and effective while handling calls all day is tough. That's why your customer-facing team needs help. An auto-attendant manages incoming calls politely, without needing a human operator. It's a win for everyone. A virtual receptionist saves on hiring costs, keeps agents sharp, and keeps customers happy.

6. Customisable call routing

Call routing creates customised rules that seamlessly direct callers to the next available person or department based on specific criteria you set, ensuring efficient handling of incoming calls. Tailor call routing rules based on time of day, caller ID, or other criteria, optimising efficiency.

7. Call recording

With VoIP, recording phone calls becomes effortless, providing valuable insights to enhance customer service and business operations. Recording calls helps set quality standards, improve staff training, boost customer retention, and increase revenue.

8. Call screening

Call screening assists in making informed decisions regarding incoming calls, utilising caller IDs to filter whether to accept, reject, escalate, or direct calls to voicemail. This feature effectively reduces unwanted calls such as crank calls and spam. Additionally, agents can utilise call screening to prioritise and accept only high-value calls on their phones or devices.

9. Voicemail to email

Maximise responsiveness by utilising the voicemail-to-email feature, ensuring you never leave messages unattended for long. This convenient feature automatically forwards voicemail messages to your inbox, empowering you to promptly respond to customers and take action without delay.

10. Voicemail greetings

Craft personalised voicemail greetings to warmly welcome callers, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated before leaving a message.

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11. Voicemail forwarding

Voicemail forwarding allows for notifications of new messages on different devices and the distribution of messages to groups, ensuring efficient communication handling.

12. Voicemail-to-text

Voicemail-to-text transcription offered by some VoIP services ensures you don't miss crucial details like names, numbers, and addresses in voicemail messages. By converting voicemails into text, you can read messages directly from your inbox, enhancing clarity and enabling faster, more impactful action-taking. This feature streamlines communication and improves efficiency in managing incoming messages.

13. CRM integration

Integrate VoIP systems seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to streamline customer interactions and enhance data management efficiency. By syncing VoIP with CRM platforms, businesses can centralise customer information, track communication history, and personalise interactions for improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, CRM integration empowers teams with valuable insights, enabling targeted marketing campaigns, effective sales strategies, and enhanced customer service experiences.

14. Call analytics

Call analytics provides valuable customer insights crucial for business transformation. It involves collecting and analysing vast amounts of real-world data. VoIP operates on various devices like desk phones and softphones, allowing recording and processing of diverse call data. This includes call session metrics, behavioural trends, individual agent performance, and more.

15. Call queuing

Call queueing is essential for businesses managing high call volumes, automating the distribution of inbound calls. By organising staff, teams, and departments into strategic tiers, it efficiently handles incoming calls. This feature reduces wait times and empowers front-facing teams to handle more calls effectively.

16. Call transfer

This capability ranks among the most useful VoIP features, enabling quick cold transfers or facilitating crisp introductions for warm transfers. In either scenario, it ensures a seamless connection between the caller and the intended recipient.

17. Call presence

Call Presence is a valuable feature for preventing customer frustration. With VoIP call presence, you gain visibility into the phone status of all staff members. This allows you to quickly determine who is busy handling calls and who is available to take the next urgent call, eliminating the annoyance of being transferred to a busy line.

18. Conference calling

Host virtual meetings with multiple participants through conference calling, promoting collaboration and significantly reducing travel costs. With this feature, teams can easily connect regardless of geographical location, ensuring efficient communication and decision-making. Additionally, conference calling enhances flexibility and productivity by allowing participants to join from various devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

19. Call pulling

Call pulling enables seamless movement of a phone conversation from one device to another, allowing you to switch devices and take conversations with you wherever you go. For instance, you can effortlessly transfer an ongoing call from a desk phone to your smartphone without the other party even noticing the switch.

20. International calling

Cost-effective international calling rates facilitate global business expansion and communication, enabling organisations to connect with clients, partners, and colleagues worldwide without breaking the bank. With reliable international calling features, businesses can maintain strong relationships across borders, collaborate effectively on international projects, and seize opportunities in diverse markets. Moreover, transparent billing and flexible plans ensure that businesses can manage their international communication expenses efficiently.

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21. Do not disturb (DND)

Activate the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature to temporarily block incoming calls, allowing for focused work periods or uninterrupted personal time during non-business hours. This function enhances productivity by minimising distractions and enabling individuals to concentrate on essential tasks without interruption. Additionally, DND settings can be customised to automatically activate during scheduled meetings or important deadlines, further optimising workflow efficiency and promoting work-life balance.

22. Emergency calling

Emergency calling features guarantee compliance with regulations, safeguarding the well-being of employees and ensuring adherence to local laws. By providing seamless access to emergency services, businesses prioritise the safety and security of their workforce, promoting a supportive and responsible work environment.

23. Customisable caller ID

Caller IDs are invaluable features in any telephony system. With VoIP caller IDs, your teams can instantly identify incoming callers, allowing for better planning, prioritisation, and more effective actions.

24. Virtual fax

Modernise your faxing process by sending and receiving faxes digitally, eliminating the need for traditional fax machines and reducing paper waste. With virtual faxing, documents can be securely transmitted over the internet, streamlining communication and enhancing efficiency.

25. Hot desking

Promote workplace flexibility and optimise workspace utilisation with hot desking. This feature allows employees to log in to any available desk phone, enabling them to work from various locations within the office without being tied to a specific desk. By facilitating easy access to communication tools, hot desking enhances productivity and collaboration among team members.

26. HD video conferencing

Facilitate virtual face-to-face meetings with high-definition video conferencing technology. With crisp video and clear audio, HD video conferencing fosters closer collaboration among remote teams, clients, and partners. Whether it's a team meeting, client presentation, or training session, HD video conferencing provides an immersive and interactive experience, regardless of participants' locations.

27. Interactive voice response (IVR)

Enhance your call handling process with interactive voice response (IVR) systems. IVR guides callers through customisable menus, allowing them to select options that best suit their needs. By efficiently routing calls to the appropriate department or agent, IVR minimises wait times and enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, IVR can provide self-service options for common inquiries, further streamlining the call resolution process.

28. Call whisper

Empower supervisors to provide real-time coaching and support to employees during calls without the caller's knowledge with call whisper functionality. By discreetly feeding information to agents during conversations, supervisors can enhance training, resolve customer issues more effectively, and ensure consistent service quality across the organisation.

29. Call barging

Supervisors can seamlessly join ongoing calls to assist or monitor without disrupting the conversation using call barging. This feature enables supervisors to intervene when necessary, provide guidance to agents, or resolve escalated issues in real-time, ensuring quality service delivery and customer satisfaction.

30. Virtual extensions

Empower remote employees with integrated communication tools for seamless collaboration. Extend office phone system functionalities to remote workers for enhanced connectivity.

31. Custom hold music

Personalise the caller's experience with branded or soothing hold music, enhancing brand perception. By uploading and playing audio files, you create a harmonious atmosphere that reflects your understanding and care for their needs. This simple gesture transforms wait times into opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction and reinforce positive perceptions of your business.

32. Custom ringback

Custom ringback tones establish brand identity and differentiation. They enable your team to set the audio callers hear when contacting your business, allowing for the use of corporate jingles or popular sound bites associated with your brand.

33. VoIP softphones

Utilise software-based phones on computers or mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical desk phones. Enjoy flexibility and mobility in communication across platforms and devices.

34. Call monitoring

Supervisors can monitor live calls for quality assurance and training purposes, ensuring consistency in service. Identify training needs and maintain service standards with real-time call monitoring capabilities.

35. Call park

Temporarily park calls and retrieve them from any extension, facilitating seamless call handoff and collaboration. Enhance teamwork and communication efficiency with flexible call parking options.

36. VoIP encryption

Secure voice data with encryption protocols, safeguarding sensitive information from interception. Ensure confidentiality and privacy in communications with robust VoIP encryption solutions.

37. Automated outbound dialing

Automate outbound calls for sales or marketing campaigns, boosting efficiency and reach. Increase productivity and maximise outreach with automated dialing features.

38. Integration with productivity tools

Seamlessly integrate VoIP systems with productivity tools like calendars and task managers, streamlining workflows. Enhance efficiency and collaboration by consolidating communication and task management platforms.

39. Quality of service (QoS) controls

Prioritise voice traffic for optimal call quality, especially in bandwidth-constrained environments. Ensure clear and uninterrupted communication with effective QoS controls.

40. API integration

Extend VoIP functionality by integrating with third-party applications or creating custom solutions, enhancing versatility. Customise and expand VoIP capabilities to meet specific business needs with seamless API integration options.


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