Hosted Phone System Features

Wavetel Hosted Phone System is a feature-rich, flexible and cost-effective business telephone system. It offers good QoS for voice, low call rates and a multitude of features that enable your business to communicate more effectively. Its a fully hosted solution eliminating the needs to purchase, install and maintain expensive telephony hardware.

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Auto Attendant

Our simple to configure auto attendant is the front door to your company. Play different menus and announcements for different call types appropriate to the brand of business unit they have called.

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Call Recording

Wavetel Hosted Phone System comes with our Cloud Recording solution. We’ll seamlessly and automatically record all your inbound and outbound calls, indexing them to the extension number that made the call.

Group 20

Find Me/Follow Me

Automatically rings your office and mobile at the same time. Never miss a call when you're away from your desk.

Group 21

Hunt Groups

Ring multiple people at once or in a specific order to ensure no call goes unanswered.

Group 28

Voicemail to Email

You can configure any email address you want with your number/extension and we'll send you an email telling you: Who called, When they called, and a .wav file with the message that was left for you.

Group 27

Fax to Email

Customers on Hosted Phone System consolidate fax machines to the cloud, where we receive faxes and convert them to email attachments that can be delivered to individuals or distribution lists.

Group 26

Smart Reporting

Your key metrics of telephone communication in one place. Real-time dashboards, reports.

Group 25

Call Forwarding

With call forwarding feature, never miss any call whether you are in the office or enjoying your holidays. The call will divert to another given number.

Group 56

Attended Call Transfer

With this feature, users can transfer attended calls to another extension or other departments, which allows users to filter calls to reach to relevant persons.

Group 42

Blind Call Transfer

A Blind Transfer is a transfer to another extension or a group without actually initiating a call to the end destination. The call is blindly transferred to the destination.

Group 24

Call Waiting

With call waiting, a party can be notified of a new incoming call while on a call. With this feature, one cannot miss any important call.

Group 30

Caller ID

Caller ID displays the caller's phone number (for all unblocked numbers) on your phone. It may also show the name of the person if it's already been stored in your phone's memory.

Group 45

Call Queue

Call queues improve the waiting experience for your callers and empower you to make decisions that positively impact the customer experience.

Group 22

Static and Dynamic Agents

Static Agents are always in the Queue and do not need to log in or out. Dynamic Agents feature give flexbility to increase or decrease the number of agents depending on urgent need or their availability.

Group 31

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb allows you to set your status to unavailable on incoming calls. This feature helps you out to focus on your important work/task you are performing.

Group 32

Custom Recorded Messages

With this feature, you can greet your customers with more personalised recorded messages, also you can record important announcements about your company.

Group 54

Hot Desking

Reduce hardware costs and increase your staff's flexibility with Hot Desking. Agents can use a shared phone on multiple locations with just log in to their extension and access their settings.

Group 33

Missed Call Notification

Never miss any important call again, with this feature user will be notified if they are unable to receive any call.

Group 29

Three-way Calling

With this feature, a user can include a third person in a two-way call so you do not need to set up separate call later.

Group 34

Speed Dialling

This feature permits fast dialling of frequently used numbers. A repertory of numbers may be stored in the telephone and/or in the telephone switch.

Group 35

Call on Hold

With this feature, you can put any ongoing call on hold so you can answer the important incoming call. Call on Hold is mostly used with Music on Hold.

Group 37

Pickup Groups

With this easy to implement feature group members can answer any incoming call when others are not available which helps you to reduce the risk of incoming calls being missed.

Group 40

Centralized Phone Book

With this feature, a caller can reach an employee even if they do not have their direct number. The directory will help the caller to search a concerned employee with their name.

Group 55


This feature helps users to check the status of their contacts in the company if they are available, do not disturb or away. With this, you can work more efficiently knowing if your co-workers are available to talk.

Group 52

Instant Messaging (IM)

With IM Feature, users can send IM (Instant Message) to their contacts which helps them to quickly get answers, queries, and messages.

Group 39

Contact Management

This feature allows users to create, edit or delete their contacts in their own or company's corporate directory.

Group 38

Click to Call

Increase efficiency with less of incorrect dialling of numbers with Click to Call feature which enables a user to make calls with a single click on the phone number form call log or websites.

Group 41

Conference Room

Conference calls are very important when having a conversation with multiple parties. You can setup conference rooms as much as you need and can also protect them with a passcode to prevent unwanted access.

Group 53

Search & Call Recording Retrieval

With this feature, a user can search, view, listen even download their call recording whenever they need.

Group 55

Call Divert

With this feature, calls will be diverted to other available numbers when required this feature is best to use in case of any breakdown.

Group 36

Call History

With this feature, a user can track date and time with the duration of any incoming or outgoing call and return a call by simply clicking on it.

Group 18

DDI numbers for All Extension

Provision of individual DDI numbers for all extensions.


44 (0) 330 088 2077

Leasdline Bgm (1)


3000 +


20000 +


300 M +

Call minutes

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