Transform Education System with Wavetel Hybrid Solution

Smoothly switch your institute (School, College and University) to a new era of telephony with our cloud-based Phone Systems, which can transform, redesign your telephony and connectivity experience, and say goodbye to old, conventional and sluggish phones which doesn’t fulfil modern times demand.

Education sector is evolving with digital transformation. Schools/Colleges and Universities around the globe are happily transiting from orthodox phone lines to a fully flexible, reliable, fast and cost-effective connectivity solutions. With Wavetel Microsoft Teams and Cloud Phones combo your institute will collaborate, transform and grow seamlessly.

Microsoft Teams cloud phones


  • Fast, Simple & Secure
  • Flexible to work from anywhere
  • Unified Communication
  • Call recording
  • Auto attendant
  • Student engagement from an intuitive dashboard
  • Screen Sharing
  • Conference Calls
  • Call divert & transfers
  • Voicemail to email
  • Customized IVR’s
  • Auto Attend
  • Teams’ compatible handsets

Microsoft Hybrid Solution top benefits for education sector

  • Combination of Microsoft Teams & Cloud phones to ensure complete solution
  • Connect multiple branches of your institute easily (no expensive hardware or software required)
  • Meeting all of your teams online could not be this easier, connect through Teams or call outside Teams on any number through our cloud phone
  • Cost effective solution as compared to conventional landlines
  • You and your staff can collaborate through any device as Microsoft Teams is available across mobile, desktop and in-browser (put image of mobile pc and phone app)
  • Provide best experience and connect students, teachers and parents through reliable cloud platform
  • Students as well as teachers access this platform from anywhere even sitting at home or on the go
  • Interactive sessions through audio, video and chat functionalities
  • Teachers can access system while attending meeting or workshops
  • Record lectures and share on Teams 
  • High quality Teams enabled Yealink handsets to connect easily through teams or call directly to landlines/mobiles with one button (Yealink MP56 picture )
  • Data Security & Fraud prevention & Highly Resilient
  • Time and resource efficient
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles

Key Features of cloud Phone

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    Auto Attendant

  • Card image cap

    Call Transferring

  • Card image cap

    Call Forwarding

  • Card image cap

    Call Recording

  • Card image cap

    Centralized Phone Book

Auto Attendant

Our simple to configure auto attendant is the front door to your company. Set up time of day schedules, play different menus and announcements for different call types and offer a customised treatment of marketing messages and music to your callers appropriate to the brand of business unit they have called.

Call Transferring

You can configure any email address you want with your number/extension and we'll send you an email telling you: Who called, When they called, and a .wav file with the message that was left for you.

Call Forwarding

With the call forwarding feature, never miss any call whether you are in the office or enjoying your holidays. The call will divert to another given number.

Call Recording

By using SIP trunk services, your business continues to direct calls even in an unlikely discontinuity of services due to the occurrence of some technical-disaster.

Centralized Phone Book

This feature helps users to check the status of their contacts in the company if they are available, do not disturb or away. With this, you can work more efficiently knowing if your co-workers are available to talk.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions related to Voip for education sector

Teachers and staff will be able to make and receive calls from anywhere and with any device

As the phone system is hosted the only equipment required on-site would be IP Phones.

Bandwidth require depends on the number of handsets you will be deploying. A high definition codec uses 90Kbps bandwith. This can be reduced by using compreses codecs. Speak to your VoIP consultant and they will be able to recommend connectivity options

We support all major SIP based IP phones including Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Fanvil etc. Any analog or cordless phone can also be supported using a Cisco PAP2 analog telephone adapter. If you looking to buy phones please visit our phones page from the menu

Your account is created immediately after you signup and you can be live within 2 hours.

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