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Intelligent Call Queueing

With our Cloud Phone System, you have an opportunity to place Patients in a queue during peak hours, on top other staff members can join the queue to offload the burden. Reduce patient hang ups, provide a better caller experience with customized messages to share any important information, also inform them when their call can be answered. Call queues empower you to make decisions that positively impact the patient experience.

Advanced Call Recording

Wavetel Hosted Phone System comes with our Cloud Recording solution. We’ll seamlessly and automatically record all your Patients inbound and outbound calls, which help resolve any queries or issues with patients. You can always refer back to the recordings to check what exactly was discussed during the calls & resolve any disputes without any hassle. On the other hand, you can also monitor how your staff is interacting with the patients.

Live Wallboard

Monitor real time patients statistics, number of answered calls, call durations & waiting time, this will help you make right decisions for allowing more staff to join the queue during busy times. Live boards will also allow you to closely analyse staff performance & efficiency to have excellent patient experience.

Smart Reporting

With our cloud phones you can always have weekly or monthly reports with that you can take crucial decision regarding areas of improvement, adding or removing staff based on the demands, resolve any patient disputes & manage resources.

Mobile Apps for Remote working

Cloud Phones are redefining the boundaries of business possibilities they enable you & your staff to work remotely even if you are away from your Medical Centre & your calls can be answered from anywhere.

Custom Recorded Messages

With this feature, you can greet your Patients with more personalised recorded messages, also you can record important announcements about your Practice e.g. New doctors on board or start of a new services

Embrace your future with most efficient phone system

  • 100% Patient Satisfaction
  • Mobile app to answer calls from anywhere 
  • Patient Call recording
  • Live wall board to view detailed call statistics 
  • Reduced Patient call drops
  • Auto attendant
  • Professional Call Queuing-Call positioning in the queue.
  • Call divert & Call transfers
  • Excellent QoS for voice
  • Fax or voice to email
  • Hold music
  • Customized IVR’s
  • Improved patient interactions
  • Monitor team performance
  • Onsite and offsite support included 
  • Unlimited Calls to UK Landline and Mobile
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Tons of amazing features for your medical practice

Wavetel Hosted Phone System is a feature-rich, flexible and cost-effective business telephone system. It offers good QoS for voice, low call rates and a multitude of features that enable your business to communicate more effectively. Its a fully hosted solution eliminating the needs to purchase, install and maintain expensive telephony hardware.

Group 40

Centralized Phone Book

With this feature, a caller can reach an employee even if they do not have their direct number. The directory will help the caller to search a concerned employee with their name.

Group 26

Smart Reporting

Your key metrics of telephone communication in one place. Real-time dashboards, reports.

Group 32

Custom Recorded Messages

With this feature, you can greet your customers with more personalised recorded messages, also you can record important announcements about your company.

Group 33

Missed Call Notification

Never miss any important call again, with this feature user will be notified if they are unable to receive any call.

Group 30

Caller ID

Caller ID displays the caller's phone number (for all unblocked numbers) on your phone. It may also show the name of the person if it's already been stored in your phone's memory.

Group 35

Call on Hold

With this feature, you can put any ongoing call on hold so you can answer the important incoming call. Call on Hold is mostly used with Music on Hold.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions related to Medical Phone System.

As the phone system is hosted the only equipment required on-site would be Phones.

Bandwidth require depends on the number of handsets you will be deploying. A high definition codec uses 90Kbps bandwith. This can be reduced by using compreses codecs. Speak to your VoIP consultant and they will be able to recommend connectivity options

Yes we can port numbers from your current supplier as we have porting agreements in place with most major number providers.

We support all major SIP based IP phones including Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Fanvil etc. Any analog or cordless phone can also be supported using a Cisco PAP2 analog telephone adapter. If you looking to buy phones please visit our phones page from the menu

Your account is created immediately after you signup and you can be live within 2 hours. Any phones ordered before 3 o' clock can be delivered next day depending on the availability.

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