29 May 2023

Covid-19 has spread wings on every facet of human life, and schools have not been spared by its effects. It has exposed the drawbacks of traditional fixed on-premise school phone systems. The way we interact is evolving along with technology, and VoIP phone systems have facilitated in easing the shift to remote learning. Education phone system needs have gone beyond just call dialing and answering.

Cloud phone systems for schools assist teachers, educational institutions, and students in meeting the challenges of distant learning by remaining connected and exchanging knowledge wherever they are, whether through video lectures, virtual classrooms, or mobile tutoring. But before picking up VoIP solutions for schools, You must consider your school's technological requirements while choosing the best VoIP phone systems for your school. Here we will help determine the best VoIP phone systems for educational institutions.

VoIP phone systems vs traditional telephone line systems for schools

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a traditional telephone line system wholly controlled by a company through various system components by a hub of wires, switches, and cables. The VoIP phone system is based on cloud communication which you can easily access from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

In the modern world where virtual learning has become a reality, schools must communicate with their students, faculty, and staff reliably and cost-effectively.

Traditional telephone line systems are no longer the only option for schools. VoIP phone systems for education offer a more advanced solution that can deliver services of higher quality and more features than traditional telephone lines.


Features VoIP Phone System Traditional Telephone Line System
Flexibility Portable with internet access. Limited to your physical location
Maintenance No technical expertise is required as maintenance occurs from an online portal Technical expert required
Reliability Connected across multiple databases on the cloud accessible from anywhere Any hardware damage deprives communication
Scalability Upscaling is hassle-free when adding users and proliferating through more locations Needs extra hardware installations, and license purchases, which could be time-consuming
Security Provider’s responsibility At your risk
Integrations Integrates easily with LMS, CRM, Microsoft Teams, etc. Not available
Modern Features & Devices Screen sharing, audio-video conference calling, file sharing, voice mailing Incompatibility
Cost Very cheap Very expensive


Why Choose VoIP for Your School Communication Needs?

VoIP phone systems are an effective and efficient way for schools to communicate. Global VoIP system adoption will improve education and the overall quality of life. It offers many advantages, from cost savings to improved collaboration. VoIP can help schools save money by eliminating the need for expensive and outdated hardware while providing features like video conferencing and instant messaging that can improve communication within the school.

Ease of use: Both traditional telephone lines and VoIP phone systems can be easy to use, but VoIP phone systems require more technical knowledge to set up and maintain. However, many VoIP phone systems are very user friendly and intuitive once set up.

Cutting Costs: VoIP systems can save your school money by eliminating the need for expensive traditional phone systems and reducing long-distance call charges. VoIP phone systems are cheaper than traditional telephone line systems because they use the Internet to transmit calls.

Scalability: As your school grows, VoIP systems allow the expansion of phone service across multiple locations to meet your organisation's changing needs. Additionally, VoIP phone systems typically don't need costly equipment and are simply scaled up or down depending on the situation. This can be particularly important for schools, which often have tight budgets.

Flexibility: VoIP systems offer a wide range of features and can be customised to meet the specific needs of your school. It makes learning possible from anywhere at any time. More importantly, VoIP phone solutions for education are designed in a way that gives the users the same learning experience as attending an actual classroom.

Reliability: Traditional telephone line systems are generally considered more reliable than VoIP phone systems, especially in areas with poor internet connectivity or frequent power outages. However, VoIP phone systems can be more reliable using backup power supplies or redundant internet connections.

Mobility: With VoIP, teachers, and staff can easily take their phone numbers, increasing mobility and accessibility. Additionally, VoIP can connect multiple locations simultaneously, making it easy for teachers and staff to connect anytime regardless of geographical constraints. With VoIP, schools can ensure that their communication needs are met quickly and easily.

Factors to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Solution for Your School

VoIP phone systems have become increasingly popular due to their ability to provide high-quality audio and video communication over the Internet. They also require less hardware than traditional telephone line systems, making them more cost-efficient for schools. Additionally, VoIP phone systems can be integrated with other technologies, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, allowing teachers and administrators to communicate quickly and easily. When choosing a school phone system, the following factors are worth considering:

Reliability: Look for a VoIP solution that guarantees high uptime and minimal downtime. You want to have phone service during a critical time. So VoIP phone systems provide robust emergency communication systems that can quickly and effectively alert students, staff, and law enforcement in an emergency.

Features: Look for a VoIP solution with the needed features, such as voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID. Most importantly, regarding remote learning, audio, and video quality plays a prominent role.

Integration: Choose a VoIP solution that can integrate with your school's existing communication systems, such as email, LMS, SIS, and instant messaging.

Support: Make sure the VoIP provider offers committed customer support to resolve any difficulties or worries you may have.

Safety: VoIP solutions should be secure and provide encryption to protect against hacking and other security breaches.

Choosing the Right VoIP Provider for School, College, or Universities

Following are some salient features to consider when picking a VoIP provider for your

Reputation: Choose a reputable VoIP provider with a proven track record of providing reliable school service.

Pricing: Look for a provider that offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Ensure that future software upgrades fall within the same price plan, or you must pay extra.

Compatibility: Ensure the provider offers a phone system with all the modern features compatible with your learning or communication needs. Such as voice mailing, audio-video conference calling, screen sharing, etc.

Customer support: Select a service provider that provides reliable customer care to handle any problems or worries you may have.

Security: Look for a provider that takes security seriously and provides encryption to protect against hacking and other security breaches.

Transforming Education Microsoft Teams with WavetelBusiness VoIP Phone systems

Microsoft Teams is an effective collaboration tool for schools that allows teachers and students to stay connected. It provides an easy way to integrate VoIP phone systems into the school environment, allowing teachers and students to communicate with each other quickly and easily.

By combining WavetelBusiness VoIP solutions with Microsoft Teams, schools can ensure that communication is always reliable and secure. By integrating Microsoft Teams with WavetelBusinessHub UC app, you can not only screen share, drag-and-drop PDFs and other files, images, and videos but also reduce costs by saving money by making long-distance calls to Teams or outside Team on any other number.

Furthermore, WavetelBusiness cloud phone's easy integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easier for teachers to manage their classes more efficiently and keep track of student progress.


Choosing the right VoIP solution for your school can be daunting, but you can make an informed decision with the correct information and guidance. VoIP phone systems offer cost savings, flexibility, and additional features but may be more reliable and secure than traditional telephone line systems.

Schools prioritising reliability and security may prefer traditional telephone line systems, while those seeking flexibility and cost savings may opt for VoIP phone systems. It's essential to evaluate the school's specific needs before deciding. Consider the factors outlined in this article, and choose a provider that can meet your school's particular needs. The right VoIP solution can improve communication, increase productivity, and save money.


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