24 May 2021

Say Goodbye to BT ISDN - Welcome to Cloud Phone System
to Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Some goodbyes are hard to say. But goodbyes that lead to great starts are as happy as cal. Similar is the case with ISDN, a traditional multiline solution for small or large enterprises.

Yes! You have heard it right.

British Telecom(BT) has revealed the news of PSTN and ISDN switching off in 2025. However, they have revise the plan to start their working on this which will be in complete favour of VOIP.

Difference between ISDN and PSTN Line

ISDN stands for "Integrated Services Digital Network". ISDN network is used to transfer the voice, video, and other services digitally in unison it uses the traditional PSTN network. Whereas, on the other hand, PSTN stands for "Public Switched Telephone Network". This type of line is primarily build for analog voice communication. With time, it became the most reliable and easy way of communication among the businesses acress the globe. Hence, it became a main carrier for making the voice calls anywhere in the world.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol". It allows voice calls to take place over the internet.

Why ISDN is phasing out?

ISDN lines coming to and end due to many reasons. Market has reached the crossover point where businesses are switching from traditional ISDN to latest IP solutions which is more scalable, flexible, feature rich and has built in disaster recovery. 2019 is the year when you need to start considering VoIP / Cloud Phone Solution to stay ahead of your competitors.

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