24 Jan 2024

Alternate phone number or extra phone number providers offer purchasable alternate phone numbers, eliminating the need for a SIM or separate device setup. These alternative numbers offer significant advantages for solopreneurs, businesses, and individuals prioritising privacy and flexibility in phone communications. Use them for sales, marketing, customer support, international calling, personal interactions, and more to distinctively manage your personal and business communications. In this blog, we will explore what alternate phone numbers are, why you might need one, and how to obtain one seamlessly.

What does an alternate phone number mean?

An alternate phone number, often referred to as an additional, secondary or extra phone number, is a unique telephone number that can be used as an additional point of contact without revealing your primary phone number. This temporary or virtual number acts as a buffer between your personal information and the vast online world.

What does primary phone number mean?

Your primary phone number is the main contact line associated with your personal or business identity. It is the number most commonly used for communication and is often linked to various accounts and services. While the primary number is essential, having a secondary or alternate phone number can offer added benefits, such as enhanced privacy and organisation.

Why consider using an alternative phone number?

Privacy protection

Shield your primary phone number from potential spam, scams, and unsolicited calls.

Safeguard your personal information when signing up for online services or making transactions.

Enhanced security

Reduce the risk of identity theft by limiting the exposure of your primary phone number.

Mitigate the chances of unauthorised access to your accounts.

For different purposes

Manage multiple aspects of your digital life with dedicated numbers for different purposes.

Easily switch between numbers for work, personal use, and online activities.

In what ways can alternate numbers be helpful?

Enhanced customer communication:

Utilising toll-free or alternate business numbers facilitates cost-free communication for customers, improving accessibility for support, sales inquiries, and general information. Placing these numbers on websites and marketing materials enhances the professional image and engagement with clients.

Streamlined departmental communication

Large organisations with multiple departments or business units can benefit from dedicated business lines for each, eliminating the need for separate landlines or hardware. This organisational approach applies to businesses with various subsidiaries targeting different sectors.

Global reach and trust building

For businesses with international operations, having local or international numbers builds a local presence, fosters trust with customers, and eliminates international call charges. This is particularly advantageous for brands with branches in different countries or those planning global expansion.

Telesales and telemarketing effectiveness

Alternate phone numbers significantly increase call answer rates in outbound call centers by reaching prospects with different and unique caller IDs. Using local numbers with relevant country codes enhances call pick-up rates, especially when targeting prospects in specific countries.

Privacy and security benefits

Alternate phone numbers protect personal numbers from spam calls, privacy breaches, and identity theft. By displaying the alternate number on websites, brochures, and brand collaterals, personal numbers can be shielded from third-party individuals. Additionally, the flexibility to delete or retain the alternative number adds an extra layer of security.

Efficient communication while travelling

For international travellers, temporary alternate phone numbers help avoid expensive roaming charges. Instead of purchasing local SIM cards, travellers can acquire alternate virtual numbers for the destination country, enabling cost-effective calls and messages.

Professionalism in freelancing

Freelancers or consultants benefit from using alternate or secondary phone numbers to separate personal and professional communications. This practice helps maintain a professional image among clients, contributing to effective and organised interactions.

Secure online marketplace transactions

In online marketplace transactions, the use of alternate phone numbers in contact information adds an additional layer of security. This safeguards against unwanted calls during non-working hours, providing a secure and reliable means of communication.

What are the benefits of using alternate phone numbers

  1. Establish clear boundaries: Separate work and personal life by setting business hours and auto-replies, reducing the likelihood of receiving work-related calls or texts outside of designated hours.
  2. Maintain privacy: Keep your personal number private, especially for business owners, by using a designated business number on marketing materials and online channels.
  3. Contextual communication: Easily differentiate between personal and work calls, allowing you to respond appropriately with the right level of formality or informality.
  4. Improved accessibility: Quickly identify and answer calls/messages related to work, enhancing responsiveness and ensuring timely communication with clients or colleagues.

Tips to help you choose the best provider for your alternate phone number

  • Types of numbers: Consider your needs for business communications, such as toll-free, vanity, international, and local numbers.
  • Essential call features: Check for features like call recording, conferencing, transfer, IVR, VoIP calling, and CRM integration.
  • SMS support: Ensure the app supports SMS functionality for sending and receiving messages, OTPs, and alerts.
  • Flexible renewal options: Confirm the availability of monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan renewal options.
  • Call quality testing: Evaluate audio quality, checking for issues like echoes, disconnections, and jitters during the free trial period.
  • Transparent pricing: Examine plans, pricing, and hidden charges, choosing a plan that aligns with your budget and requirements.
  • Number porting support: Verify if the provider offers Number Porting support for transferring existing phone numbers, and review guidelines and requirements.

Can you get a specific phone number?

Some service providers like Wavetel Business may offer the option to choose a specific phone number based on availability. So it's important to understand any additional costs or limitations associated with selecting a custom number.

Can you get a specific phone number for free?

Several platforms offer free alternate phone numbers, especially for online verification or temporary use. Apps like TextNow or Google Voice provide users with free phone numbers, although specific features may be limited in the free versions. If you have specific requirements or need advanced functionalities, you might consider premium plans offered by these services which can be very pricey.

How do I call someone from a different number?

Most services provide a straightforward method for choosing which number to display when making outgoing calls. Ensure that you understand how to toggle between your primary and alternate numbers seamlessly. VoIP Technology allows you to get multiple virtual phone numbers with advanced features to utilize them for personal or any online purpose. Calls can be manage with the platforms provided by service providers such as softapp, and web based portal like Wavetel's HUBUC.

Why choose Wavetel Business for your alternate phone number?

  • Specific number or dedicated number: Wavetel Business allows users to choose a specific phone number based on availability.
  • Effortless call recognition: Easily identify incoming work calls with clear notifications, even for multiple phone numbers, by adding emojis for quick distinction.
  • Team collaboration: Shared numbers facilitate team collaboration, allowing alignment and coordinated responses through mentions and threads.
  • Real-time status updates: Stay informed about teammates actively responding to contacts, preventing duplication of work and enabling simultaneous calls without line concerns.
  • Flexible remote work: Seamlessly integrate a business line into your cell phone, enabling work from anywhere with internet connectivity, without the need to alter traditional phone plans.
  • Cost-effective international communication: Call and text UK, US or Canada numbers for free from anywhere, avoiding the high costs associated with international calls from traditional providers.

Get an alternate phone number with Wavetel Business

Obtain an alternate phone number from Wavetel Business in under 5 minutes with these three simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the Wavetel Business website and click on "Get a Quote".

Step 2: Connect with Wavetel Business support to select the ideal phone number for your needs.

Step 3: Once you've chosen your number, our representative will promptly set it up and provide instructions for immediate use in your business communications.

Congratulations! You are now ready to make and receive calls using your alternate phone number, enhancing your business's communication capabilities.


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