Priority URGENT, Immediate - 1 hour

Customer’s Environment is down or severely corrupted, and/or business operations are critically impacted.  


  • No Calls are going through
  • No end user can register
  • Services Down
    • SIP Server
    • Slave Server (Web Interfaces)
    • UM Server
    • Termination
    • DIDs (Numbers)
  • Call Looping
  • Fraudulent Activity

Priority HIGH , Immediate - 8 hours

Customer’s network operation is impaired, though is generally functional. 


  • Some calls are not going through
  • Some users cannot register
  • Poor Voice Quality issues
  • Some user experience one way voice issue

Priority NORMAL             Immediate - 24 hours

Customer requests help on configuration that will resolve ongoing issues such as below:


  • Billing issues which may disable service
  • CLI or CLD issues which may disable service (ie: CLI authentication)
  • Vendor issues (vendors that the service is dependant on)

Priority LOW , Immediate - 48 hours

Customer requests general configuration or scheduled assistance to optimize performance or solution of their service/product.

  • Need guidance to setup a new solution
    • Tariff update
    • New Product
    • Volume Discount Plan
    • IVR – Voiceprompt Issue
  • Need guidance to fix a mistake (Unless the mistake caused a High Priority issue)
  • Invoicing Issue
  • Tariff or Rate issues
  • Slow Web Interface
  • Presence Server issues

Support is provided Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00 

Tickets can be logged by

1. Sending email to

2. Logging ticket from the support portal