Information regarding DID Inventory billing logic for customers.

There are two types of the DID numbers in our system. Provisioned DIDs ordered from on line DID providers (DIDww, DIDx) and DIDs uploaded from a file. In the first case there is the ability to bill customers, though there is no such possibility in the latter case. 'Owner Batches' can be broken down into two groups - batches with pricing parameters (used for provisioned DIDs) and 'Owner Batches' without pricing parameters (used for uploaded numbers). 'Owner Batches' without pricing parameters can be used for uploaded DIDs and are easily applied to uploaded DIDs from the DID Inventory however, an owner batch with pricing parameters will not be listed as an option.

In order to set up the 'Owner Batches' with pricing parameters it is needed to configure DID Provisioning for the appropriate vendor (PB Web Interface → Vendors → DID Provisioning Tab) firstly.

Then you can select the appropriate vendor in the 'Vendor' drop-down menu in the settings of the 'Owner Batch' pricing parameters. Also you can enable DID Provisioning via Batch for certain customer by selecting the needed Batch in 'Auto-Provision DIDs via Batch' menu (PB Web Interface → Customers → Additional Info Tab → Auto-Provision DIDs via Batch)

Additional information about DID Provisioning can be found at p.136