Note: auto-provisioning must be enabled on the SIP node before configuration can be completed successfully

All the devices which use provisioning, regardless of the environment they are registered in, would obtain their configuration from the same IP address:

This IP address would need to be entered into the devices, and also into the Profile Rule parameter of IP Phone Profiles records. In the Profiles, it would take the following general form:

[--key $B]$A/$MA.cfg


- $A is the environment's number, and will be stored in the Profile record in parameter 'GPP A';

- $B is an optional encryption key, which may be specified for each device separately in their IP Phone Inventory record;

- $MA will automatically be replaced wuith the device's MAC address.

In the devices the following Profile Rule would need to be specified:

(here using 67 as an example environment number, and 002369FC4981 as an example MAC address - to be replaced with an actual environment number and MAC

to which the encryption key may be added if one is used, and the correct environment number and MAC address will be replaced with the correct ones.