SIPTAPI is a small application that allows you to make click to dial calls from any application that supports the TAPI interface, such as Outlook and Dialer.

SIPTAPI does not come with it's own installer, so installation is a manual, but simple enough process. The purpose of this guide is to compliment SIPTAPI's own instructions to make installation as easy as possible.


The download web page for SIPTAPI is at the following URL:

Choose to save the zip file, and then go to your Downloads folder.

Right click the zip file and click 'Extract all..', leave the destination as default and 'Show extracted file when complete' ticked. Click Extract and a new Window should appear showing a 'deploy' folder.


Installing SIPTAPI

Enter the 'deploy' folder, then enter the folder corresponding to your version of Windows. For 64bit Windows use the x64 folder, for 32bit Windows use the Win32 folder. You can find your version of Windows by right clicking 'Computer' in the start menu and clicking properties, look for the amount of bits under the heading 'System type'.

Enter the release directory then right click the file and click 'Copy'.


Now navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 directory by clicking on 'Local Disk (C:)' then 'Windows', then scroll down and go into 'System 32'. Right click in this folder and click paste (or you can use Ctrl-V). Windows pops up a message saying you need Administrator permission to copy to this folder. Click 'Continue' to finish copying the file.

Verify the file has copied by finding it in your System32 folder:


Now that you have the program file in the right place it needs to be registered with Windows as a TAPI service. To do this go the Control Panel by clicking the Start menu and click 'Control Panel'. On the top left, click the 'View By' pull down and select 'Large' or 'Small' icons. This will display every section in the Control Panel. Look for the 'Phone and Modem' section and click into there.

If this is the first time you have been here Windows will ask for some basic settings. You can enter anything you like for the Dial Code and just click OK. Now click on the 'Advanced' tab and click 'Add…'. The SIPTAPI Service Provider should appear in the list. Choose it and click 'Add'. A small window will pop-up informing you that installation was successful.


Click OK, and double click the SIPTAPI service from the Advanced list. A configuration menu will appear. Enter details as follows:

SIP Domain: Enter the hostname of your Wavetel server 

SIP Outbound Proxy: Leave blank

SIP User: The user, provided by Wavetel. 

Password: The extension password, provided by Wavetel. 

See the below screen for an example configuration.


 Once you have done this click 'Apply' and 'OK'.

The SIPTAPI service is now installed.