You can forward the calls to any number including mobile numbers

Under Configuration -> Go to Custom Destination -> Click on New Custom Destination -> Select Type as “Forward Call To “ -> Enter the name of the person -> Enter the number e.g. 0208XXXXXXX or any mobile number -> select the time (in Second), How many second call should be forwarded -> Click on Save Button.


Now Go to DID -> select the DID on which you want to apply call forwarding ->

Go to Voice section and select the “Forward call to” under destination: option ->

Click on Save button.


Call Forwarding on Extension level:

You can forward the calls on particular Extension.

Click on the extensions -> In extensions list click on the extension number you want to apply call forwarding -> Go to Find me/Follow me Configuration section and add the number in FMFM Number field --> tick Active if checked -> In FMFM Dial method you can select Normal or Simultaneous.