Call History:

Call history shows the list of the incoming and outgoing calls.

Go to Status -> Call History

If you are interested in getting an overview of the steps performed by the call, you can select and press on the Call Steps.

Retrieving a Recorded call

In the Call History, check field "Extra" last column. Click on loudspeaker to hear the recorded call.

Fields meaning

Start - Date/time of the start of the call

Answer - Date/time of when the call was answered

End - Date/time of call end

CallerID - CallerID for the call

Source - In case of internal calls, the username of the extension will be shown.

Destination - This field can contains multiple numbers, the first one is the "first destination", the last is the number actually dialed

Duration - The number of seconds for the whole call

Bill sec -  The number of seconds for billing.

Disposition – Details of the call i.e answered, no answer,

Cost - The cost for the call leg

Extra – Allow you to listen the call recording