1. Hubspot requires OAuth2 authentication to authorize TheHub to access your data, so you need a Hubspot Developer Account to create an app against your account. Link to create Developer Account: HUBSPOT DEVELOPER ACCOUNT LINK
2. Click on create an app button.
3. In App Info Section give the App a name.

4. Copy the Call Back URL from TheHub HubSpot Integration page.

5) In Auth section paste the copied redirect URL in Redirect URL field.
In Scope add contacts and timeline permissions.

6. Click on Save Button.
7. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret and paste it in TheHUB HubSpot integration page and click on submit.
8. Then the second tab Connect to crm will appear, go to that tab and enter user’s user name in the crm and click on connect button.

9. After login into HubSpot, select you Non developer account (CRM Account) and allow permissions to the app.

If you receive “Success. You can close this window” message in browser then close the tab and your account is successfully integrated with HUBSPot.