1. Log into your Bitrix24 account.
2. From left side menu go to applications.
3. Click on Add Application Button.
4. Select Other.
5. Select Local Application.
6. Copy the call back URL from HUB Bitrix24 integration form and paste in You handler path field.

7. Click on save button. Now copy Application Id and Application Key in HUB Bitrix24 integration
8. Copy the Bitrix24 URL from the browser and paste it in HUB under API Base URL field.

9. Click on Submit button in TheHUB.

10. After submit connect to crm tab will appear, go to that tab and enter user’s user name for that crm and click on connect button

11. It will take you to the login page of Bitrix 24. If it asks for allow access then allow.
12. If you receive “Success. You can close this window” your integration is successful.