Please download 3cx for windows by visiting below link

When you have downloaded the software, you must configure it before you can make or receive phone calls - this is a fairly


Once installed, start up the 3CX program. Once loaded, it will tell you that no VoIP accounts are configured. Click the Create Profile button.

3CX Phone

On the window that pops up, click New.


Now you can configure your VoIP account. Edit the following fields:

  • Account name: enter a name of your choosing for the account
  • Caller ID: enter your extension username provided
  • Extension: enter your extension username provided
  • ID: enter your extension username provided
  • Password: enter the extension password 

In the My Location area, select I am out of the office - external IP and enter host address provided.

Click OK when you are finished, and then OK again. Your account should now register successfully. If there are any problems check your password and your firewall settings.