Convert audio files via WavePad to Upload on Yeastar

To use WavePad to convert audio files to new formats, download to your local PC, and proceed as follows.

  1. Launch WavePad, open your audio file.
  2. Click File > Save File As
  3. In the Save as type drop-down list, select Wave(*.wav), MPEG Layer-3(*.mp3), or GSM(*.gsm), click Save.Wave MPEG Layer-3
  4. If you save the audio file as Wave(*.wav) or MPEG Layer-3(*.mp3), you need to configure the encoder options and click OK.
    Select any one of the encoders, and configure relevant options as below.
    Wave Encoder Options
    • PCM Uncompressed, Mono, 8000 Hz, 16 bits Integer
    • CCITT A-law, Mono, 8000 Hz, 8 bits Integer
    • CCITT u-law, Mono, 8000 Hz, 8 bits Integer