To add or modify Huntgroup, log on to Wavetel Customer Control Panel (Link Below).

Customer Control Panel

1- Sign in to your control panel by entering your Username and Password, and click on Login.

2-On the Home page , Go to the Control Panel Tab (Top Right Corner ) a drop down menu will occur, then Select Account Management (As Shown)


3- To add a new Huntgroup go to Huntgroup Configuration and click on New Huntgroup ( As Shown ) .


Step 4 


Hunt Group Name 

Logical name for this group of extensions, e.g. “Sales department.”

Select Extensions

Drag and drop extensions from available to selected column which you want to add to hunt group

Hunt Group Number 

The number that the end user dials on his phone to reach one or more assigned extensions. Note that a hunt group number should contain no more than five digits.

Hunt Sequence

Specifies the order for delivering a call to one or more extensions.

Order - Call every extension one by one from the first (topmost) number to the last until the call is answered.
Random - Use a random order.

Simultaneous - The call goes to every extension from the list simultaneously until the call is answered.

Least Used - Sort the accounts in descending order of their last usage, and deliver the call to their extensions accordingly. For example, account 777111 with extension 111 was last used on 2010-12-11, and account 777222 with extension 222 was last used on 2010-12-12; in this case the call goes to extension 111 and then, if not answered, to extension 222.