Can’t connect to internet on all devices

Check router if all lights on the router are off.


 zyxel vmg1312 back


Please check that it’s plugged in at the mains and that the mains are switched on. Also make sure that the power cord connected to router is firmly in place. If router is correctly plugged in but still isn’t receiving power, router may be faulty and will need replacing.


  • Check the status of lights on router.

Zyxel 1312 Lights


Zyxel VMG 1312 Lights Explained

Wireless - Can’t connect to internet on some of the devices

  •          Make sure that device has Wi-Fi switched ON. Devices usually have a Wi-Fi symbol showing wireless status in their notification or task bar. For more information, check device’s instruction manual.
  •          Check that customer is trying to connect to the correct network. Name of your wireless network can be found on the back of the router or by logging into router interface
  •          Make sure you’re entering your wireless password or security key correctly. If this hasn’t been changed, it can be found on the back or underside of router.

If above doesn’t resolve the issue then check DNS settings or try changing the wireless channel 

Wired - Can’t connect to internet on some of the devices 

If you can’t connect with your wired device:

  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable connecting device to the router or the network switch is properly plugged into the Ethernet ports on both router / switch and the device.
  • If problem persists it is possible that Ethernet cable may be faulty and need replacing. To test this, try using another Ethernet cable or try connecting device wirelessly. If you’re then able to connect to the internet, the issue’s likely to be with your cable. Order a new Ethernet cable for customer after he approves the cost.
  • Try plugging the device directly into the router by removing any switches between the device and the router and see if that resolves the issue.