Open Router admin page within a browser at

Username:         admin

Password:          {router password}

Go to Network Setting > Broadband

 Zyxel Configure VDSL

Is there a default VDSL WAN defined?

If yes then edit it

If no then click Add New WAN Interface

Zyxel Configure VDSL

The page that follows is the same for both options….

Set all the options as below, filling in your PPP username and password.

Note that if the Encapsulation is initially set to IPoE, then the PPP fields will not be visible until after you select Encapsulation as PPPoE.

PPPoE Service Name remains blank and PPPoE Passthrough unticked

Zyxel Configure VDSL 

Ensure NAT Enable and Apply as Default Gateway are ticked

Zyxel Configure VDSL

Tick VLAN Active, leave 802.1p = 0 and set 802.1q = 101

Set MTU = 1492

Zyxel Configure VDSL 

Click Apply

The VMG1312 modem will re-train to sync with the VDSL DSLAM.