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Hosted PBX Phone System

It's simple: we do calls better than other providers can.

Set Up Your Cloud-Based PBX System in Minutes

Set up a virtual number in our online shopping cart and start customizing your hosted PBX features within minutes.

Take Control of Your Hosted PBX from Anywhere

With a web-based PBX system, you can manage your team's performance anywhere you have an internet connection.

Enjoy Affordable Rates

Managing your cloud PBX doesn't have to be hard. Try the most effective, affordable, and reliable hosted PBX solution today..

How is VOIP different from what you're running?

If you've spent some time in the world of business, you've probably heard of Microsoft Teams.

If your business uses a traditional phone system, VOIP is an amazing upgrade. Even for a small business, VOIP phone systems offer a huge advantage. With a VOIP phone system your calls are cheaper, more secure, more manageable and easier to integrate into your wider business ecosystem. VOIP phone systems are also much more scalable than traditional phone systems, as they don't require extra lines being installed. With a VOIP phone system, it is much easier for your employees to work remotely - even overseas.

Wavetel offers the best VOIP phone systems in the UK, with comprehensive services at competitive prices. Wave: the friendly way to talk with customers.

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What advantages does VOIP offer?

Biggest advantage of a VOIP phone system is economy, both now and when you grow. VOIP phone systems allow you to select calling plans which work for your business, giving you access to lower prices and broader coverage. As your business grows, a VOIP phone system grows with you.

Other advantages of a VOIP phone system are higher security and complete integration of phone calls into your digital workspace. Microsoft Teams direct routing is the best example of a fully integrated VOIP system, and is a huge advantage for businesses looking to streamline their workflow and maximise their turnover.

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Is a VOIP phone system right for you?

If your organisation uses the telephone for communication with customers or coordination between employees, a VOIP phone system is an essential upgrade. By reducing call costs, increasing security and bringing everything into your online workplace, you can focus on addressing customer needs and growing your business

Even if your business does not handle a high volume of calls, installing a VOIP system now means that when you grow you will be fully integrated and scalable.

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Why Wavetel is best for VOIP phone systems

Wavetel leads the market for VOIP phone system providers. We are experts in business VOIP, and provide comprehensive VOIP phone systems for small businesses in the UK. Because no two businesses are the same, Wavetel offers plans tailored to your specific needs.

Our competitive prices, excellent service and ongoing support have helped countless small businesses grow with VOIP phone systems, and we're ready to do the same for you. Wave: the friendly way to talk with customers.

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I am seriously happy about this product. Has a lot of powerful features and is so easy to set up!
Erick Alvarez
Grand IT
This thing is one of those tools that everybody should be using. I really like it and with this ease to use, you can just focus on your business!
Karen Jones
Accident Lawyers.