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Wavetel Hospitality
The Communication Solution For the Accommodation

by Wavetel

Hospitality Features

Wavetel Hospitality gets hotels ready for the cloud. Wavetel Hospitality is the solution for efficient communication. It accelerates digitalization for accommodation businesses of all kind and helps to efficiently manage resources and costs.

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Hospitality Components

Wavetel Hospitality Integration

Cloud-based integration, Local server integration, Individual integration, Wake-Up alarm

Hospitality App

Connect all employees with the hospitality app for smartphones. Call with your personal extension, Works in WLAN and GSM infrastructure.

Guest Service Center

Individual announcements, Individual call-forward,
Event planning, Easy announcement configuration, High-class guest services.

Zero Touch Provisioning

After the first boot, the device connects to the Wavetel provisioning service and all configurations are loaded on the device for the phones to be ready to use.

Guest and Staff Phones

Guest phones for rooms and staff phones, International standard - Easy to use, Hotel individual signage.


Conference room with up to 50 users internal and external, Easy to use, PIN-Authentication for conference owner and User.

How Hospitality Does Work

How Hospitality Does Work

Why Wavetel Hospitality

  • 1 Cloud-generated answer for all communication requirements in the hospitality branch.
  • 2All common known PMS can be linked to Wavetel Hospitality
  • 3Helps to efficiently manage and use resources at fewer costs
  • 4Use for all kinds of accommodation businesses
  • 5Meets all needs of operational cost-efficiency
  • 6Monthly flexible billing
  • 7No Upgrade- and Update-Costs
  • 8Integration with Onsite and Cloud PMS

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