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Why choose Wavetel Siptrunk

It's simple: we do calls better than other providers can.

Costs Less

We charge you a simple pence-per-minute rate for any calls outside your bundle. Microsoft Calling Plans require prepayment for the same service.

Scales Easier

We offer call logging, call barring, call forwarding and optional call recording - all as standard! Microsoft Calling Plans don't.

Offers More Reliability

Our service is backed by 99.95% service guarantees, as well as Fraud Spend limits to protect your customers. This is safer than Microsoft Calling Plans.

What is sip trunk ?

One of the most important aspects of modern business is maintaining constant communication around the world, and that is only truly possible with SIP Trunk. You'll likely come across this term a lot, but what does it mean? If you've asked yourself 'what are SIP Trunks?' this is for you.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.SIP Trunk allows your organisation's phone system to connect digitally, over the internet, reducing call costs and increasing connectivity. Traditional phone systems were connected to the wider phone network using an analog connection called a PTSN. This allowed connectivity, but was expensive and required a separate internet connection.

SIP Trunk reduces cost by combining internet access with phone connections. It also increases security, and allows your phone system to work digitally. You need SIP Trunk to integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams through direct routing.

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What is direct routing?

What Microsoft Teams has done for the workplace, direct routing does for phone systems. Direct Routing is an online digital phone system, integrated into Microsoft Teams, that allows for easier, cheaper and more efficient telecommunications. Microsoft Teams direct routing is a cost-effective alternative to both Microsoft's own Calling Plans and traditional phone systems. Because everything is online, direct routing allows for easy data access, communication and collaboration, all in a secure environment.

With Wavetel direct routing you get all the functionality of a premium phone system, updated for the digital age.

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What are the advantages of SIP Trunk?

SIP Trunks are cheaper than traditional analog phone connections, especially if you often make long distance calls. With SIP Trunk, you can call anywhere in the world, with much lower costs. SIP Trunk also allows you to integrate your phone system with a digital workspace, increasing productivity and streamlining workflow. On top of that, SIP trunks provide a secure and reliable service, which is much better than a standard internet connection.

If you have a high-volume organisation, installing SIP Trunk is the best business decision you can make. With Wavetel you can get a cheap SIP trunk, with market-leading facilities. .

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Do you needSIP Trunk for Direct Routing?

Having SIP trunk is essential for running direct routing smoothly and efficiently. Normal internet connections lack the capacity and security that SIP trunks have, and will not meet the requirements of most businesses. Because direct routing is a digital telephone system, it does not use traditional phone lines.

Without SIP Trunk, your business will have a very slow and unreliable internet connection. With Wavetel, you can get industry-leading direct routing plans and cheap SIP trunks, all with excellent service and ongoing support. Wave: the friendly way to talk with customers.

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Is SIP Trunk right for you?

If your organisation uses a phone system and the internet, SIP trunk is a wise investment. With SIP trunk you can integrate your phone system into a wider digital workspace, resulting in a streamlined workflow and higher productivity. Even if your business doesn't require SIP trunk at this moment, it is a good investment for future growth. SIP trunks are much more scaleable than traditional phone systems, and also allow for remote work in ways that analog systems don't.

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Why go with Wavetel

Wavetel is industry leader in SIP Trunks and SIP calling services. We are experts in all areas relating to digital telephony, meaning we can offer great deals if you require more than one service, and great support for your entire system.

We know that each organisation is unique, and that your needs will be different from those of other businesses. That's why Wavetel offers tailored plans to suit your organisation, all at affordable prices. Wave: the friendly way to talk with customers.

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Why choose us over Microsoft

If you’re setting up Microsoft Teams direct routing, you’ve got two options: you can get Microsoft calling plans or go for a third party option, like us. both options offer a range of features, but Wavetel direct routing is the better one by far. With a Microsoft calling plan you pay a lot more for international calls, and have to do so using prepaid calling credit. This is both expensive and annoying, and leads to wasted money and time. What’s more, Microsoft calling plans don’t even support some call destinations! With Wavetel direct routing you can connect with any phone, anywhere, at highly competitive prices.

If that’s not enough to sway you, Microsoft calling plans offer a limited range of features. Call barring, call recording and number presentation are all features of Wavetel direct routing that Microsoft calling plans don’t support. Nine times out of ten, you’re better off going with us. Wave: the friendly way to talk with customers.

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